When your feet have problems it can be extremely uncomfortable. If you’ve noticed pain or abnormalities in your feet or any other part of the body, speak with a professional about platelet rich plasma treatment jacksonville fl professionals offer along with other treatment options. Let’s dive into some of the problems your feet can encounter.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus that forms in between toes or at the bottom of your feet. It causes inflammation along with a scaly rash, itching, peeling, and foot odor. This fungus likes moist, warm places, so to keep athlete’s foot at bay it’s recommended that you keep feet dry and change socks and shoes often. You may also use sprays or antifungal ointments.


A hammertoe is something that occurs when the toes are bent at the middle joint, giving the appearance of a hammer. This can leave the toes sitting at an odd angle and it is often caused by shoes that do not fit properly. You can use inserts to reposition the toes, but these may not be effective in the long run. If you experience pain due to this condition, surgery may be required.


Blisters are another foot issue that is often caused by improperly fitting shoes. Blisters are areas on the skin that become filled with fluid that is clear and watery. These areas are often very painful and make walking painful and difficult. If you have a blister, avoid picking at it as this can cause further discomfort. Instead, draining the blister can be effective along with applying ointment to keep it from getting infected.

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The feet can encounter many problems, so it is important to take care of them and visit a doctor if you experience discomfort in any form. Athlete’s foot, hammertoes, and blisters are just a few of the issues a medical professional can help with – see your podiatrist to learn more.