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3 Steps To Opening A Restaurant

As pandemic restrictions ease, more and more restaurants are starting to open back up.  In fact, a record number of restaurants have begun opening up to fill the demand from vaccinated customers wanting to get back into a pre-COVID-19 routine.

If you are thinking about entering the lucrative world of the restaurant business, there are a few vital things you’ll need to do before you can open your doors and start accepting customers.  It is helpful to create an opening checklist to ensure all requirements have been met.

Failure to meet the requirements of your local state restaurant regulations can result in heavy fines, or worse, delayed opening of your restaurant.

Follow the steps to ensure that you have all of your ducks in a row before opening a restaurant.

One: Create A Restaurant Business Plan

Any successful restaurant first must start with a business plan.  This plan determines the type of restaurant you want to open in addition to the menu, branding, layout, and operational goals.  Additionally, a business plan can help a bank better determine the amount of business loans you may be eligible for.

Two: Obtain License

Every state has its own specific requirements for a business to serve food or alcohol. Therefore, it is essential to secure these permits so that you are in accordance with state regulations.  Failure to get a food license in Florida, for example, can result in fines exceeding several thousand dollars.

food license in Florida

Three: Hire Staff

Having everything you need to open your restaurant is excellent, but you will need to hire competent staff in order to ensure exemplary service.  Be sure to choose employees with customer service experience as they have a better understanding of what it takes to provide excellent customer service.

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