Getting An Exact Copy Of Your Knee

Technology and modern science have finally hit a milestone where we can replace our physical body parts with almost exact artificial duplicates.  This process is known as makoplasty in Mount Pleasant and it is changing the way people are getting hips and knees.

Scanning your body

The process involves scanning your body and creating a 3D image.  This image is then reviewed and modified in a way to remove any imperfections that may be found in your current body part.  From there the scan can be taken to a device that fashions your knee or hip.  The surging can then replace your part with an almost exact duplicate.

Care for your body before surgery

Before we are in need of this process, we really want to avoid it by taking care of ourselves.  We want to eat right, sleep well and ensure that we are not injured doing physical activities.  If we are injured, it is important that we follow all of our doctor’s guidelines to ensure that we don’t do further injuries to ourselves.

Implant positioning

With this technology doctors are able to precisely position the body part exactly where the original was located.  This will help with the healing process and decreases the need for additional physical therapy.  When the device is properly installed and fitted, it will also help to decrease the wear and tear that many have experienced in the past which could open up the door for younger and younger people to get replacements.

makoplasty in Mount Pleasant

Pain is reduced

When using this technology those who have received replacements have experienced less and less pain.  This is a great benefit to everyone overall.  With less pain people are getting up sooner, reengaging with the activities that they love as well as avoiding addictive pain killers that could be more dangerous than the surgery itself.

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