An orthodontist and dentist both have things in common. Their medical specializations address the dental, oral and surrounding jaw and facial areas. Actually, no. The dentist would usually not go any further than the teeth and gums. But should he come across serious defects that may require extensive orthodontic surgery orange park fl work, he will make the call. It is usually qualified and substantiated.

You go to the dentist for your annual dental exam, not so. It has now been revealed by the American Dental Association that you should be making this call at least twice a year. Given that a dental exam, even if it is thorough, does not take too much of your time, that is not asking much of yourself. Not to outdo the sterling work that your traditional dentist does for you, you could surpass him and go for your annual exam at the orthodontist’s rooms instead.

But bear this in mind. It will be a lot more expensive. That is more to do with the fact that the orthodontist’s diagnostic work will be a lot more integral and specialized. He will also have the advantage of sophisticated diagnostic equipment that contains some of the most advanced technologies. You will find that most decent medical aid plans grant you some leverage in exercising your initiatives in this regard.

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The orthodontist performance a range of surgical and treatment work not included to the dentist’s repertoire of work. Indeed, a dentist who wishes to skill himself as an orthodontist at some stage of his career does have to undergo a further four years medical training, if not, more. It is like going to law school after you have completed your formal college degree studies. Look after your teeth and gums, as well as your smile.